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OctoMom [is this mother’s love or selfishness]

February 12, 2009 1 comment

r727418802a i just read a newspaper today, and my eyes was like popped out when i read a one of the news. its about a woman, who gave a birth of  Octuplets! on January 26.  a woman, not a cats or other mammals, imagine that littles babies they are all too small. bacause they must shares the nutricion with their other 7 sibbling

and the mom, Nayda Suleman 33, was diagnosed with paranoia, depression, wild mood swings and post-traumatic stress syndrome before he got pregnant. but she kept popping out babies. and  less than two weeks ago said in an interview broadcast on Friday that her babies were the product of six implanted embryos, the same procedure used to conceive her six other children. it means she has a 14 kids.

i cant imagine how she magane that, how to takecare of  them and feeds her kids because she is, unemployed mother who lives in the home of her divorced parents,

“Everything I do, I’ll stop my life for them and be present with them. And hold them,” she said. “And how many parents do that? I’m sure there are many that do, but many don’t. And that’s unfortunate. That is selfish.”

Suleman says she has a plan to earn enough money to raise her 14 kids. i hope things goes just like her plans. if not, what will happen with her kids. will that be selfish or just a love that every mom have to their childrens.

and because of this birth, the doctor who fertilited the octuplets is under investigation

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– Your Guardian Angel –

February 1, 2009 2 comments

i like this song, not only about the music,
but the lyrics is so meaningfull,..
something that we will agree about.
something that we wont realize it
what we could do when we inLove..
until we listening this song,…
and listening the lyric..

this song, remind me that perfect love is exists.
we can do anything for love,
for someone we love
give the best we could..

to be someone Guardian Angel…
to be there for someone we love,
and be the best we could..

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Dearest God,..

January 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Thank you,
for everythin,..
all the good time in my life ..
and the bad time that makes me strong..
i know life isnt easy,..
and i know without you in my life,.
i wont be here now..
and i know,
it wasnt right if ..
i’m only thinking of you when i’m down
and feels sad,..

Thank you,
for sent me..
people who care about me alots,..
they made me smile ,
and realize how beautiful life is..
they’re remind me there always a hope somewhere,..
and if i’m hurt right now,
tomorrow, i might be feels so happy,.

Thank you,
for always remind me,..
there is a light,
at the end of adark paths..
and in every hartime i’ve got,
there always  a smile waiting for me

Thank you,
for remind me to not give up
of anything in life,..
to not runs from the truth,..
and hides anymore,..
to not hurt people who hurted me,..
forgive them with heart,.
it wasnt an easy things but
i realize thats the only way tobe happy..

Thank you,
for always near me,
even i always leave you
but you never leave me alone
you always there for me
near me,…
everytime i’m feeling down,
you always reach me
and hold me
as a place i lay my life,

Thank you,.. God..
for everything,..

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November’ 23

November 23, 2008 Leave a comment

Happy Birthdayyy!!!

thats de first thing i wanna say to ya (smiling at the window)..

this should be your 38 birthday…

i have alots aThing to tells ya..

but when i sits and start to types.. my head turns blank :(..

maybe to many thing i wanna say…

and i dont know how to start..

the only things u needs to know..

even i know u already knew it..

by watching me everyday..

i bet you laughing alot  coz my sillyness

or sad see me cried..

while im thinking of you..

im sorry… its becoz..

i misss you..

so missing you…

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July 9, 2008 Leave a comment


Its always you i’m thinking about,

Alwayas you i wanna hold,..

Always you i need to touch..

Always the memories i cherish most,

Are those of you,..

Time goes quickly,.. by in your arms,

Only to crowl when we are apart..

Long day drag, and the fantasy i make,

rarely burn with lust and desire..

Only fueled by deprivation and distance.

The afternoon sunsine is warm on my face

But even butterflies that spreed their wings around me,..

Can not take my mind off of you.

I remember our inside jokes, and our long convo..

I can feel how close we are,..

Night fall upon the world,

And my heart breaks ever more..

Memories floo over me as moon rise overhead,

Thinking of what sky you may be seeing.

I lay alone on my warm bed,

Talks from the past echoing through my mind,..

I smile and close my eyes, you sweet smiles calming me..

Missing you is hurt as i lay in the nights darkness..

Memories of you still linger about in my sleep mind..

I wish on every star each night,..

that you will missing me too…


to someone,.. who filled my life with smiles n kindness.

you wil always live inside my heart..

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