i should be happy. happy with everythin i have, happy with everything i did in my life. to be just the way i am even life isnt easy. i mean everyone has a plan for their life and so am i. but sometimes things not workout like we wanna be. we must strong just like a rock keep stand strong no matter what. some people will fall apart.. but some will survives. and i wants to be the part of the last one.
today, i did some stuff, i promised to my self i must wake up! i needs to think alots.. i have time a plenty times but times moves so fast like flying. and i must start it soon as i can for my wn good, even my journey still long ( hope soo). but still i must prepare for bad things.
2009 will be a point of many big plan that my family did. for my parents , my brother even me. i really wish everything will goes like we hope for. really! i really meant it!
specially for my parents, i just want to see them happy the most is for my mom. she’s deserved it, deserved to be happy in her old year..

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