i thought today is sunday lol because i didnt go to work. being a person who easy get feeling not well isnt fun!.. i know is should to takecare my self more. but sometimes i forgot. i even can stayed up till pass midnight :x. i did try to sleep early, but sometimes even my eyes are hardly open my brain still working properly and dont wants to sleep.
And my monthly friend came like usualy and its drags my health down .. might be thats the reason my body so unWell, im so emotional lately, :/ dont blame me!…

oh, anyway today the sun kinda shine no rain but no sunny day either but thats better than the last few days. still raining at night i like when rain falls at night, so i can sleep well like a baby i really missed my sleeping beauty :/ its been a while.. NO! its been a few months i couldnt sleep as much as my body needs it ( usually i sleep 8 hours/day )

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