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November’ 23

November 23, 2008 Leave a comment

Happy Birthdayyy!!!

thats de first thing i wanna say to ya (smiling at the window)..

this should be your 38 birthday…

i have alots aThing to tells ya..

but when i sits and start to types.. my head turns blank :(..

maybe to many thing i wanna say…

and i dont know how to start..

the only things u needs to know..

even i know u already knew it..

by watching me everyday..

i bet you laughing alot  coz my sillyness

or sad see me cried..

while im thinking of you..

im sorry… its becoz..

i misss you..

so missing you…

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November 15, 2008 Leave a comment

can say, today is better than yesterday coz the books i ordered from net came this morning im so exciting.. ive been looking that books arounddddd book stores but theydidnt have it.. i was kinda worried i wont recieve it .. but i did! =)

and today,. im thinking about someone, and hope he’s alrite with things in his life over there. i admit it i missed him alot. miss talking with him but im afraid to talk.. all i do just watch his nick on my msgr.. so silly but.. all the rejecting he did on me. and all the things he did still hurts me. i am not angry or hates him but theres a part that i couldnt forget.. still captured in my mind and its hurts me..

now im scared to like someone. i dont know if i can someo people said,.. “to forget someone is try to love someone new” it was work on me but now not anymore. i dont know why..

i love my life, i anjoy it every moment every breathe that i take.. but i feel something missing and i still think about him i dont know till when.. he will always have a special place in my heart. he think of me too??………..

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